How to Select a Good Senator

Who is a Senator?

A senator is someone who is elected in the central legislative body of a state by voters of a region to represent, defend and promote the interests of people in his region. A senator participates in meetings and congresses, debates the enactment or revision of laws and regulations, and casts votes in favor of or against certain motions or political measures.

Roles and Responsibility of a Senator

  • A senator is constitutionally vested with the power of making laws for the peace, order and good governance of the Federation.
  • Senators are responsible for representing the interest, yearnings, aspirations and wellbeing of the citizenry.
  • Senators are saddled with the power of scrutinizing public institutions and officials to ensure probity and accountability in governance.
  • Senators also intervene in matters of urgent National interest like insecurity, epidemic, drought, poverty, illiteracy, flood and other national issues.
  • Senators can also intervene in resolving disputes between the government and labour unions with a view to usher in industrial harmony and stabilize the nation’s polity.
  • Senators play the unique role of impeachment of the President, Vice President, Federal Judges and other high officials of the Executives; including the Federal Auditor General, Members of the Independent National Electoral Commission and Federal Inland Revenue Commission.
  • Members of the Senate are responsible for confirming the President’s Nominations of Senior Diplomats, Members of the Federal Cabinet, Federal Judicial Appointments, Members of the Nation’s Electoral Commission and so on.
  • Members of the Senate and the House of Representatives can also appoint Committees of special and general purpose as may be considered expedient.  They are distributed into various Committees for the smooth discharge of their legislative duties.

Characteristics of a Good Senatorial Candidate

Character Checklist

Your preferred candidate has no history of corruption, tribalism and nepotism. He or she must have proven integrity, values and ethics. A fair-minded and Pan-Nigerian person;

Competence Checklist

Your preferred candidate should have the required educational qualifications, knowledge, experience, and expertise and to provide transformational and visionary leadership from day one.

Capacity Checklist

Your preferred candidate should have the requisite mental and physical capacity to lead.