How to Select a Good Governor

Who is a Governor?

A Governor is the head of a state, the chief executive officer of a state, and a politician duly elected to govern a federating state in Nigeria for a periodic term of four years and a maximum period of eight (8) years if re-elected by citizens of the state.

Roles and Responsibility of a Governor

  • A governor serves as the chief executive and head of the executive branch of the government in his state.
  • A governor has the responsibility of appointing state executive, diplomatic, regulatory, and judicial officers subject to the approval of the Assembly members.
  • A governor is responsible for implementing state laws and overseeing the operation of the state executive branch.
  • A governor is responsible for advancing and pursuing new and revised policies and programs using a variety of tools, among them executive orders, executive budgets, and legislative proposals and vetoes.
  • A governor carries out management and leadership responsibilities and objectives with the support and assistance of department and agency heads.
  • A governor may also grant pardons and reprieves, as is often done just before the end of a governorship term.

Characteristics of a Good Governorship Candidate

Character Checklist

Your preferred candidate has no history of corruption, tribalism and nepotism. He or she must have proven integrity, values and ethics. A fair-minded and Pan-Nigerian person;

Competence Checklist

Your preferred candidate should have the required educational qualifications, knowledge, experience, and expertise and to provide transformational and visionary leadership from day one.

Capacity Checklist

Your preferred candidate should have the requisite mental and physical capacity to lead.