What is Voter Registration? Voter Registration is the process of recording and compiling details such as name, age, fingerprints, address and photographs of people eligible to vote into the register of voters.


What is biometric voter registration? Biometric voter registration is the capturing of voters’ unique personal/physical details, i.e. name, address, fingerprints and photograph and thereafter, issuing a voter’s card to the registrant.


What is the meaning of CVR? Continuous Voter Registration.


What is the meaning of PVC? Permanent Voter’s Card.


Where can a person register to become a voter? INEC designated centre nearest to his/her LGA during the continuous voter registration (CVR) exercise.


What are the requirements to register as a voter? A person shall be qualified to be registered as a voter if he/she:

is a citizen of Nigeria;

has attained the age of eighteen (18) years;

is ordinarily resident, works in, originate from the LGA, council, ward covered by the registration centre;

presents himself to the registration officers of the Commission for registration as a voter;

is not subject to any incapacity to vote under any law in Nigeria.


How many times can an individual register? An individual can register only once and only at one centre.


Can I register at a centre other than the one assigned by INEC? No. It is an offence to carry out registration at a centre or place not designated by INEC.


Can persons living with disability register as voters? Yes. Every Nigerian Citizen, 18 years and above, including people living with any form of disability is entitled to be registered.


Can a person register for someone else, i.e. registration by proxy? No. Each person intending to register as a voter must appear in person before registration officials at designated centres. There is no registration by proxy.


Why can’t the registration of voters exercise continue till a week before the date of the election? According to law, registration of voters and the update or review of the voters’ lists must stop at least thirty (30) days before any election and the register to be used for the election must be certified.


How can I know that my name is in the register of voters?

I: You should check for your name during the display of voters’ register.II: Check the INEC website, i.e. www.inecnigeria.org

III: You can check by sending a text message to this number, 08171646879. Text Format: State (space) last name (space) last five digits of your VIN. Example: Abia Chukwudi 54321.


Can a person have more than one voter’s card? No. You can only have one valid voter’s card at a time as it is an offence to have more than one card. (Section 15 sub-section 2 of the Electoral Act as amended). During the transfer or replacement of a damaged voter’s card, the old one will be retrieved from you before a new one is issued. A voter whose card is lost or damaged will be issued a voter’s card with DUPLICATE written on it.


What can a person do if his/her voter’s card is lost or damaged? The person should apply to the Electoral Officer of his/her LGA/Area Council for a replacement of the lost/damaged voter’s card. This must be done not later than sixty (60) days before the election.


If an applicant who registered in Lagos wants to be involved in electing the governor in his/her home state, can he/she use his/her voter’s card for that purpose? No. Unless he/she transfers his/her registration details to his/her state and is issued another voter’s card to that effect. Voters are only permitted by law to vote at polling units where they were registered and their names displayed.

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