Collect Your PVC

The Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) is a smart identity card with voter’s information such as bio-data, biometric and facial image. The card is issued by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to citizens 18 years and above, making them eligible to vote in any election in Nigeria. The PVC is the only acceptable proof of identification that enables eligible Nigerians to cast their votes during elections in Nigeria.

Why do you need to collect your PVC?

Your Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) is the only acceptable proof of identification that can enable you to cast your votes during elections in Nigeria.

Your PVC is your right and enables you to exercise your civic duty of participating in elections.

The bottom line,  your PVC is your only visa to vote for your preferred political candidate.

How to collect your PVC

PVCs are still available for collection at the INEC Local Government Office up until February 5th 2023

1 – Go to, click “Check status”, and input all the details to retrieve your temporary PVC delmination number.

2. Go to to find the address of an INEC local government office in your area.

3 – Go there to pick up your card today or before February 5th. To avoid unforeseen circumstances, do not wait till the last day.

4 – When you arrive at the collection Center location, a distribution officer will check and confirm if you are in the register of registered voters in the polling unit from a system

5. If your name is found on the distribution register of voters, the distribution officer shall search through the PVC cards for his/her PVC

6 – The distribution officer will then request you to thumbprint and sign the PVC collection section of the distribution register of voters

7 – The distribution officer then retrieves the Temporary Voter Card (TVC) from you and hands you your PVC

8 – If you do not have a TVC (but your name is found on the voter’s register), you will be made to sign an attestation form and affix a passport photograph.

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