About Us

For one minute, I want you to dream with us.

Imagine a Nigeria where you or millions of other Nigerians are not living in poverty or struggling to survive to achieve their potential.

Imagine a Nigeria with an enabling environment for enterprise and prosperity for all.

Imagine a Nigeria with a government that uses our collective wealth to provide services and world-class infrastructures such as good roads, uninterrupted power supply, and advanced transportation networks; where healthcare and housing are readily available and affordable. Imagine that service delivery is improved.

Imagine a Nigeria with a strong economy, and well-managed diversity, where citizens have a high life expectancy and a good standard of living.

Imagine a safe and secure Nation with low crime rates.

This Nigeria is possible.

But due to Bad Governance, Nigeria and Nigerians are stuck with a country that has failed to deliver for them.

How do we change the status quo?

It starts with you activating the power of the Office of the Citizen

Let us explain

The three arms of Government (Executive, legislature, and judiciary) are responsible for managing the nation’s affairs but derive their legitimacy and power from the constitution and citizens, and the sole purpose of Government is to serve the needs of its citizens, in other words, to serve you.

As a Citizen, you have an important role to play to influence the political system, because The Office of the Citizen is the highest in the land.

Citizens are legally and constitutionally empowered

  • To vote to decide who leads at federal, state, and local government levels
  • To remove their elected representatives from office if they are not performing responsibly or effectively.
  • To Influence government policies, spending, and projects.
  • To hold those they elect accountable.
  • To Pay taxes and ensure that the Government runs effectively.

The Problem

Unfortunately, citizens are missing from decision-making tables and although The Office of the Citizen is the most powerful, the average Citizen is unable to occupy a seat. The reality is that Citizens have abandoned their role for various reasons. These include :

  • Lack of awareness of their role and power
  • The adoption of a survivalist and individualist mindset.
  • The ability of some to provide their own facilities, thereby becoming their own Government.
  • The fear of being attacked for expressing their opinions.
  • The repeated efforts by nefarious actors to intimidate and neutralise the power of the Office of the Citizen.
  • The social, cultural, and economic factors that also prevent Citizens from wielding their collective power.

Office of the Citizen Campaign is on a mission


We will improve the political literacy of low-income voters so that their votes will become productive enough to enhance their welfare.

We will also highlight the cost of the indifference of middle-class voters, by exposing them to data and factual evidence that they will receive individually, through their diverse social networks.

To achieve this, #FixPolictics WSG 1 has launched the Office of the Citizen Campaign, a social engineering campaign designed to activate and mobilise Nigerians to take up their office as citizens & build a framework that will enable them to wield power.

The campaign will focus on empowering the electorate to participate constructively in the voting process and teach individuals about good citizenship and the importance of identifying and selecting good leaders. It will also encourage individuals to become audible regarding public policies and legislative agendas.

We have a goal to mobilize and build a critical mass of 50 million Citizens wielding the power of the office of the citizen by 2031